Profiles in Westchester Living: #15 Life in Bronxville NY

Jennifer Y. Ross
Jennifer Y. Ross
Published on June 9, 2018

First hand thoughts, comments and experiences from real people and neighbors, living, working and raising families all across Suburban Westchester County NY.  We look forward to sharing many more stories with you over the coming weeks, months and years.

Guest Profile Week #15:  Adrienne & her beautiful family

When we decided to move to Westchester, I was really excited because I knew it was the perfect place to start my  not-for-profit organization – Bundles of Joy NY.  We provide essentials to babies and toddlers that are low income and homeless, right here in Westchester and NYC.  We connect those who have with those who need to ensure no child has to go without the basics.

Where did you move from?

We moved to Bronxville in 2016 by way of Boston, actually. My husband was finishing up his MBA and we had our daughter there. I am from Boston and Patrick grew up in New York City so we always assumed we’d move to back to New York at some point. With a very mobile 15 month old, I had zero interest in being confined to a tiny New York apartment so we researched nearby towns with great schools and learned about Bronxville. We were originally looking in CT but as soon as we visited Bronxville, it felt like home. I vividly remember driving through town and said, “this is our home,” and we haven’t looked back since.  I guess when you know, you know.  

What are a couple of the deciding factors for moving to the suburbs?

Great schools were paramount to us. Aside from that, we wanted a location close to the City so that Patrick wouldn’t have to waste time on the train when he could be at home with us. Aside from that, it was just a feeling we had when we first came to Bronxville. It felt like our home.

Are you a Northern, Southern, Rivertown, Sound Shore or Central Resident & why?

Central + Southern because we love the village vibe and the easy commute to NYC.

What do you like most about your home’s community?

I would say the community is what I love most about Bronxville. We’ve met some of our best friends here and everyone is very family focused and just wants the best for their kids, in a down to earth way. It’s hard to not be happy with young kids when you’re in Bronxville. It’s idlyllic – kids still walk to school. In the middle of the day, you’ll see kids from school getting lunch with their friends in town. It’s just too cute. Sometimes I turn to Patrick and say, ‘this is fake, right?’

What do you appreciate most about your suburban home?

With two little kids I really appreciate the space, indoors and out. Especially after the winter we’ve had, it’s so nice to have different rooms in the house and to be able to change your scenery without having to leave the house. When people from the City think of the suburbs they imagine living in a remote area and that’s not at all true for us. We love Bronxville because it’s a physically close community so you’re always around people which is so nice. I think we have the benefit of space while enjoying the closeness that we were used to in the City (well, not THAT close).

Favorite …

a)      Restaurant – Coals. I just love their honey rosemary wings and the pure bliss and vegan pizzas. My absolute favorites. It’s also kid friendly.

b)      Park / Outdoor Activity – Sagamore Park is close to us, so we frequently hang out there.

c)      Work Out / Gym – yikes – I actually workout in my home doing Physique 57 – can’t part with my City routine – but we do have a SoulCycle!

d)      Children’s Store – I love buying newborn gifts for friends at Silver Spoon because they always have such cozy sweet sleepers. I buy my kid’s matching holiday outfits at Adrian East – she never disappoints.

e)      Children’s Activity – That’s tough. There are so many great options around here. We love ballet, tennis, gymnastics…sometimes the best times are just play dates because I love seeing my mom friends.

d)   Local Charity – Is it okay to say my own? Bundles of Joy NY! We are a Westchester focused organization that connects those who have with those who need & provide essentials to babies and toddlers that are homeless or low income.  

Any advice for people considering moving from NYC to Westchester Living?

We tell ourselves that the City isn’t going anywhere and we can always visit or even move back one day. We are extremely happy living in Westchester in this stage of our lives. As much as I love the City it just doesn’t complement our currently lifestyle. We are very lucky to live 27 min from Grand Central so we can easily go in for brunch or take the kids in and not have to think twice about it.  

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