First hand thoughts, comments and experiences from real people and neighbors, living, working and raising families all across Suburban Westchester County NY.  We look forward to sharing many more stories with you over the coming weeks, months and years.

Guest Profile Week #10: Jennifer & her beautiful family

Jennifer brings a much needed sense of calm and spiritual healing to the Sound Shore community and beyond through her Finding Wellness practice. After practicing dentistry for over 10 years, she came to learn that her purpose is more aligned to healing on a deeper level. Consequently, Jennifer created a heart-centered business with services to assist people in finding their balance. She specializes in Reiki Energy Healing as well as Meditation Instruction, Distance Healing and Space Clearing.  Her philosophy is that the universe has an abundance of love available to us all; her role is to guide her clients to this resource. A stressful lifestyle often leads to physical, mental, emotional and spiritual discomfort. We deeply focus on intervention and prevention at all levels.  

Where did you move from? 

After leaving Philadelphia, where my husband and I met, we moved to Manhattan.  We lived on the Upper East Side for a few years, and then the Upper West Side before moving to Westchester.

What are a couple of the deciding factors for moving to the suburbs?

We were ready to expand our family. My husband and I both grew up in the burbs, so the shift to the suburbs seemed natural and in line with our values.

Are you a Northern, Southern, Rivertowns, Sound Shore or Central Westchester resident & why?

Larchmont is a Sound Shore community. We weren’t necessarily looking for a Sound Shore town, but the draw of the ocean seemed like something that we might be able to enjoy with our future family. We were right! The picturesque beaches and inlets are such a gift for us to enjoy. Walking though Larchmont Manor Park and its accompanying beach nourishes my soul. As a wellness practitioner and owner of Finding Wellness, access to this beautiful natural resource is essential to both my personal and professional development. Larchmont Manor Park is just minutes from my home and every time I go there, I think, “I can’t believe I live here.”

What do you like most about your home’s community?

Our village is really special to me because of the true sense of community values and family togetherness. There are so many interesting people in our town, and we all come together to help one another. It feels like everyone here is trying his or her best to be a good person – on a soul level. I couldn’t ask for a better vibe for my kids to be surrounded by. Most of my clients are local and they are all beautiful souls seeking ways to improve themselves, balance their lives and support their families. I am so grateful for the opportunity to support their inner work so that they can continue to shine their light on our community.

What do you appreciate most about your suburban home?

My husband and I both like older homes, something about the history of a house appeals to us.  Our house was built in 1903 and it’s full of light, charm and character.

Fill in the Blanks.  My Favorite….

Restaurant = Polpettina is a family favorite. Park / Outdoor Activity We love Larchmont Manor Beach in the summer.  My children really like the playground at Turtle Park. Work Out / Exercise =  Balance Yoga & Wellness has amazing instructors. The owners of this studio are really special people who care about our community and work hard to offer the best yoga and wellness options for their clients.

Children’s Store = Voracious Reader is a family favorite. We buy a lot of birthday gifts there!

Children’s Activity = Our kids love the Westchester Children’s Museum.  It has a lot of hands-on learning activities.  

Any advice for people considering a move from NYC or anywhere in the world to Westchester Living?

For us there was a transition period to become accustomed to the cadence of life in the suburbs. It’s a lot quieter than NYC and unlike the city the stores tend to close a bit earlier. Be gentle with yourself as you adapt. There is a reason that you were drawn to Westchester so follow your intuition and trust the process!  

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