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Guest Profile Week #9: Christian – Tuckahoe NY

I’m thrilled to have Christian & his beautiful family as our Profile family.  The more I get to know him and his family the more I treasure our new friendship and professional collaboration.  If you are looking for expert local knowledge in Bronxville, Tuckahoe, Eastchester & surrounding areas reach out to Christian for an exploratory conversation.  Learn more about his professional experience check out his bio ->

 Where did you move from? 

My wife has lived in Westchester (Mamaroneck to be exact) her entire life and I grew up in Manhattan.  

At first we weren’t too sure where we wanted to live but my wife was certain that the city wasn’t an option and upon our search we found an apartment in Yonkers (Bronxville P.O.) and lived there for almost 4 years.  After the 4 years we moved to Stamford, CT where we found a beautiful Townhouse in the Cove area of Stamford.   This only lasted a year because the commute to work was just dreadful (over 2 hours) but in addition to the commute we found ourselves going back to lower Westchester for all of our errands.  This brings us to our current home in Tuckahoe, NY.

Are you a Northern, Southern, Rivertowns, Sound Shore or Central Westchester resident & why?

We live in Southern Westchester and decided on this area due to the convenience.   We are very close to the city (< 30 mins) which we venture off to a lot but more importantly our son’s experience in the school district is amazing.

What do you like most about your home’s community?

The number one thing that we like about our community are all of the friends we have made here.  Since day one everyone has made us feel at home and it brings great comfort to know that everyone cares about their neighbors and each other’s children.

What do you appreciate most about your suburban home?

I’d have to say that what we appreciate most about our home is our wonderful neighbors.  Since day one we were received with kindness and warmth.  There is no better feeling than having friends you can call family.  Having space to call our own and see our son run around back and forth from friends’ homes and know he is safe is just such an amazing feeling.

Fill in the Blanks.  My Favorite….

Restaurant = Our go to place is Trattoria Vivolo in Harrison, NY.   It’s fine Italian dining with a comfortable neighborhood setting.  The owner Dean Vivilo is always there to greet us and make us feel at home.

Park / Outdoor Activity We are surrounded by many great parks and with a son that enjoys sports it’s extremely helpful.   Depending on the day, we will find a local park that has open fields (or a HS field) so we can throw a football around or kick a soccer ball.   One great thing about our community is that we have access to all of the various High School fields located in our community (i.e. Bronxville HS, Eastchester HS, and Tuckahoe).

Work Out / Exercise =  My wife and I love taking a “TUFF” class at Transform Fitness in Tuckahoe (  The facility is amazing but more importantly the trainers are always there to help you and push you when needed.   If you want to be challenged, I highly recommend trying one of their “TUFF” classes.

Children’s Store = We are big fans of Epsteins in Tuckahoe, NY (   It’s a family owned department store that has been around since 1933!   Our son is a big sports fanatic so Epsteins is a great local store that helps us get what we need for him.

Children’s Activity = There are a ton of children activities available in our community throughout the year.   During the Fall you have the Eastchester Youth Soccer Association ( which has a program for various age groups.  In the Spring, there’s the little league baseball program which is run by the Tuckahoe Youth Association (   We also have our son enrolled in Young at Arts ( which is a performing arts program that helps children and young adults build their character through music and drama.

Any advice for people considering a move from NYC or anywhere in the world to Westchester Living?

My advice to anyone considering moving from NYC to Westchester is to explore as much as possible.   Speak to the locals on the street and in the shops to get a sense of the people who live in the area.  Visit the various schools and depending on the time of year attend one of their sporting events. For me personally, you get to see how close a community is based on the support they have for their local HS team.  YOU’LL ENJOY THE EXPERIENCE!

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